The Countdown Begins

Well guys, it’s that time of the year again!  With the start of New Years Resolution season vastly approaching, I thought it would be fitting to highlight some resolution inclusions that are definitely worth considering for the new year, new me crowd.

Getting healthy and staying healthy is not just about what you eat and how much exercise you put in.  Healthier living consists of unadulterated unabridged internal and external TLC. It’s a clear-cut e=mc² formula: your mental needs to connect to your spiritual needs to connect to your physical.

Opting for a healthier lifestyle is not an easy choice.  It, certainly, is easier said than done to wake up and say goodbye to the many staples that have been there for you through thick and thicker and comforted you through sick and sicker for years.  Rest assured, I am in no position to preach condemnation to the choir about that of which I am guilty but I will offer some good tips that have been shared with me.  In my honest opinion, I think that if chocolate had been around when Eve walked in that garden…..Apple what?  There probably wouldn’t even be an apple iPhone today!!

But seriously, choosing to dump those unhealthy habits is an awesome idea! Just be sure to grab the bull by the horns with some essential operations.

  • Annual health maintenance. Your doctor has spent years learning the human body and its functions so let him/her giver yours a once over. No one is immune to the laws of nature.  We all age differently but don’t let that fool you.  Just because the porcelain may still look A-1 doesn’t mean the pipes are without rust.   There are numerous common yet preventable illnesses that can be contained and even reversed by maintaining a close working relationship with your healthcare provider.  Keeping tabs on your cancer screenings, and monitoring such things as your blood sugar, cholesterol and thyroid levels are an essential part to longterm health.
  • Curbing your unhealthy habits and boost healthy alternatives.  Everyone is familiar with the eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water spiel so I won’t harp too much on it but, seriously, it needs to be done.  If you don’t incorporate better eating habits into your notion of being healthy, your attempts will be futile.  Unless you have the metabolism of the Acme road runner, your pantry needs to be nutritionally ready for this voyage.
  • Park and walk.  Most drivers, myself included, park directly in front of their destination whether at home, work or a shopping center (if you’re lucky).  Take advantage of parking a few houses or maybe even a block away from your home. find a spot at the opposite end of the mall and opt for the stairs instead of the elevator.  Making these simple changes adds a few more steps to your day and contributes to more calories burned, with the proper diet.
  • Get moving but MAKE IT FUN. This may be one of the most important things you can do to keep yourself motivated.  Switch up your routine.  Everything doesn’t have to be so cut and dry. Trade the gym for a scenic walk or run on a trail.  Participate in walkathons or run a marathon. Try ice or roller skating. Go dancing. Whatever you decide to do just get moving.
  • Decrease stress.  Choose your battles wisely.  Not every stress party requires your attendance. Weigh your options and ask yourself: Can anything be done to change this outcome?  Is it worth the emotional strain?  If I worry enough to get my blood pressure to critical levels will this problem, that I have no control over, have mercy on me?  Chances are the answer is no.  Learn to let it go.  In unavoidable situations, finds ways to redirect that negative energy. Go to the gym, walk it off or just meditate yourself back into a healthy state of mind.
  • Have a good team.  Form relationships with like-minded individuals.  Build a social network that will walk with you on this journey and encourage you when you’re at your worst.

Lastly, take it slow.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with the process of achievement.  Set goals and focus on one or two at a time. Start off small and gradually incorporate more as you go along. You don’t want to run the risk of being burned out by January 2nd!


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