Law and Disorder

Pregnancy has a way of uncovering many emotions.  Shock, joy, fear, and excitement spread through expectant mothers and fathers as well as family and friends.  The ability to procreate and carry another living being within your body is an amazingly beautiful thing that is not awarded to everyone.  While baby is developing, mom and dad get to fantasize about what traits their baby will have and who this precious gift will look like.  They get to marvel at all the kicks, twists, turns, and stretches that can be felt and sometimes seen.  They form a bond with their baby before they even meet.  It is a beautiful thing.

But, what happens when that baby is conceived as a result of a heinous crime? What if love wasn’t a deciding factor but violence, force, or unknown consumption of drugs was?  What feelings are present then?  Thousands of women experience this crisis called rape every single year and each one of them are placed in a position where they can choose the life or death of the entity now taking up residence within their body.  It seems that regardless of the decision to present new life to a world that has seen many dreary days or to terminate that of which has been fertilized with the seed of assault, the decision made will be one not without conflict.

If she chooses to speak up about the rape she is met with skepticism .  Victims of rape are often deemed responsible for the actions of another.  A sick part of society believes that the woman is at fault for her own sexual attack.  Society immediately becomes concerned with the clothing she wore or the behavior she exhibited.  The actions of the felon, in this sick society, are taken into account tertiary to the search for the actions of the victim that warranted a non-consensual violation of her body.

If she chooses abortion, she is condemned by society.  She gets thrown into the pit of sin.  She is verbally spat on by religious law  up holders because ‘thou shalt not kill’.  Thou also shalt not steal,  lie, cheat, judge etc.  All those not guilty please stand.  Everyone else, please take several seats to the left. Your sin does not bear less conviction than anyone else’s.

What bothers me the most is if she chooses life, she is condemned by the law.  Imagine the torment…the continous torment that a rape victim must go through because the law states that she must co-parent with her attacker.  Furthermore, her convicted attacker can be allowed UNsupervised visits with the child.  The reasoning behind that, no harm was directly caused to the child.  In other words, the woman should just get over it and let’s wait and see what happens with the kid. Someone in legislation needs to work on their preventative tactics.

Take a look at this CNN video interview with one victim.

Or read about a similar story here. Inside Edition

If you or anyone you know are in need of assistance RAINN (Rape, Abuse and, Incest National Network) can help.

Crisis textline provides resources for a many crisis counselors for various issues.

Although this article was written in 2013, it provides some head shaking information worth sharing.


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