Pulling the Weeds and Trimming the Hedges.

And this just in:

“I’m making some changes in my life. If you don’t hear from me you were one of them.”~unknown

So nice, I had to say it twice! The second time doesn’t sound as cruel as the first. At this stage of your life change, it actually might be music to your ears.

Now that your mind has been recruited, it’s time to make a few necessary adjustments in the who, what, when, where and why’s of your social circle, both personal and professional. Not everyone will be happy with your steps towards change and you will find that you may need to change the people around you. No worries! Your change is for a better you not a bitter them.

Not all of your old friends and associates will be able to or even want to speak your new language. Running with the same crowd may make you feel like the odd man or woman out, especially if your goal is to change some of the mutual habits shared that you want to lose but they wish to keep.  Those behaviors may be a negative impact on all of the progress, regardless of how small, you have made and you just don’t need it! Switch it up. Find local or online groups of like-minded individuals that you can interact with. Go to museums, art galleries or do volunteer work at an agency of your choice that will keep you in step with your goals. Whatever compliments your mental framework, just do it!

Next, is it time to move on professionally? If your current employment venture is failing to adequately meet your needs, it may be. I don’t, however, recommend storming into your boss’s office spewing different forms of profanity and then quitting on the spot. While it may be a great source of temporary gratification, it would certainly be the end of work as you know it. Instead, brainstorm. Think about the possible options available to you. Is there room for advancement? Are there other departments that may be more suitable for your needs? If you do need to seek out other opportunities are you qualified to meet the demand or will you require formal educational training?

Whatever you decide, stick to the plan. Only you know where you want to go. If you have prepared yourself mentally, you will successfully navigate around issues as they occur. If you have begun cultivating an environment that will enable you to grow, you’ve already won half the battle. No plan is without flaws so you should expect setbacks, within reason. Do your best not to succumb to discouragement and just keep pushing!



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  1. 5 stars for strength and courage to change. Please go to my blog and look for *change*, see what I had to say to that. Thanks in advance. Sorry I couldn’t simply give you the link…

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