As Sunday nears to an end, I prepare for the week ahead.  Dinner made (vegetable lasagna and garlic bread).  Check. Laundry done (done as in washed no guarantee on the fold).  Check.  Kids ready for school.  They are today but, as routine goes, they won’t be able to find anything tomorrow.  Ditto for my husband.

So now that things have somewhat settled down, the kids are in their rooms and my husband is in his favorite recliner watching football, I can attempt to have my moment.  However, I have to remember not to make my me time seem too enjoyable because it will emit a signal setting off everyone’s ‘she’s relaxing we MUST intervene’ radar.

My me time is nothing extravagant.  It’s definitely not anything to put me up for consideration on the Real Housewives of anything.  I may have a glass (or bottle, everyone measures things differently) of my favorite wine and sit back with my current book of choice.  I’m not much of a tv buff but I may channel surf or watch a movie.

The most important thing that I do to prepare fo the upcoming week is reflect. I do this without fail.  I think about all of the situations that presented themselves to me in the past week and how I responded to them. I think about the things I could have done differently for a better outcome.  I think about all of the good and bad news that circulated on TV and Web posts.  I think about where I am today and compare my destination to those of a million yesterdays. I can smile because I’m definitely not in the same space.  I think about mistakes I’ve made and am thankful that I made them. Mistakes pave well defined roads.


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Reflection mentally charges me.  It helps me remember who I was yesterday and how I evolved into who I am today. Reflection recharges my compassion and builds my spirit.  It helps me let go of things that I no longer need to carry. Things that can weigh me down and interfere with my growth.

Take some time and reflect on your life. What you’ve been through, your best and worst experiences, who’s there for you now and who you have lost along the way.  Putting these things in perspective has a way of making you appreciate the days ahead.

Here’s to a fabulous week!! 🍷


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  1. I loved reading this blog. It was humorous and spot-on-truth. It made me reflect on my personal life and I’m happy to report that, I too, am in a better space and place, because of my past. I guess it’s safe to say that my sometimes dark past has brought me to a bright presence and future.

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