The Mental Preparation

“Your mind is where your problem is in the first place”. ~Sylvia Nasar, A Beautiful Mind.

As mentioned in my previous post, Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Change?, transitioning from the person you are to the person you desire to be is a far cry from being simple. Mental preparation should be the first step in your journey for change. Well, maybe not the first step. You do need to be able to recognize when change is essential. Once hindsight has been discovered, then the process can begin.

The way you mentally process information and situations today may not be appropriate or provide room for growth in where you see yourself tomorrow. Your thoughts can manifest into your actions. If you envision yourself on the road to happiness or success you will physically place yourself on that path. Likewise, if you are pessimistic in thinking you will see many unproductive days.

It’s ill-advised to think that real change can happen overnight! Don’t get me wrong, your situation can be one way today and a different way tomorrow, by chance. That doesn’t necessarily indicate true long-term change or even a stable one, for that matter, if you are not mentally prepared to make it so. Securing your mindset enables you to hold yourself accountable for every thought, decision, and action that pertains to anything you do when you are in a season of transition and beyond. You may find it beneficial to talk less and observe more. This doesn’t imply that you should not speak up it simply means sometimes, when you incessantly verbalize, you block out the lesson that’s being taught. During your mental transition, its all about learning new ways and molding them into your own self structured life plan.

To help you gain clarity, try these suggestions:

  1. Meditate
  2. Keep a journal to help you stay focused.
  3. Recognize triggers that offset your peace. Find a new more positive way to deal with them or, if you can, get rid of them all together.
  4. Replace negative thoughts and emotions with positive alternatives.
  5. Surround yourself with people who are supportive.
  6. Incorporate new daily routines that serve as a pathway toward your desired goals.

Again I say, mental preparation is by far the hardest part of the change process. You are, after all, attempting to redirect what is now a hard-wired thought design that is years in the making. Even more challenging is that a mental change is not a cosmetic attribute and, the way our hard wired thoughts are set up, any change or anything new needs to be visible. We like to flaunt it. What is there to possibly flaunt when we are on mental haywire balancing act? FLAUNT YOUR FOCUS!!!

Listen, if you are one who still has major concern about what someone else may see when they look at you during YOUR season of personal change, then you are already sabotaging your success. It doesnt matter what they see! What is your vision for yourself?  What do you see?





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