A Happy Family New Year

This past weekend was absolutely amazing! I celebrated my one-year wedding anniversary on New Year’s Eve at my favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot and brought in the New Year with my family.

I can remember, not so long ago, when New Years Eve signified party time. I wanted to hang out, have a drink or four and dance the night away surrounded by hundreds of people I didn’t know. Now, the best way to ring in the New Year is with my family. Whether we are at home or in another family friendly environment, nothing is more appealing to me than the time I spend with them. I have spent a lot of time, in my early adult years, growing up. Being a single, childless adult is a wonderful thing. The list of responsibilities are, compared to that of someone with a family-someone like me, minute. I’ve learned that it is not only tiresome to try to juggle a single lifestyle in a family style frame but it is also non productive. If I am going to be tired, I would like to invest that spent energy in my home and all those who reside there.

The home is the first learning institution a child will attend. If the lesson plan is poor the child will not be enriched. -Liz McKenzie

I recognize that, over the past few decades, the dynamics associated with the family life have changed in drastic proportions. With the most recent addition of technology, the existing dynamics have almost faded away completely. It’s a sad state that I don’t want my family to succumb to and that is why I made the decision to want to cultivate a home life for them.  It’s the simple things that mean so much and teach so much more. We have family movie night, family game night, we even do family date night, the point is we make time to spend with each other and that’s what makes me proud. In our home, my husband and I put strong emphasis on respect and communication-something we see less and less of in many children as the days go on. We are teaching them but they are also great teachers and I am glad to be apart of their learning experience.

Life is so much more than just personal indulgence, especially when there are other people who depend on you. Too often, we take for granted the people we have around us. We think they will always be there, but they won’t. As we grow older, so do our children. Eventually, they will leave the nest and create a life of their own. Enjoy them while you can. I know I do!

From my family to yours, Happy New Year!!

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