A Wedding Invitation: Come One But Not All


I’m getting married this year. My fiancé and I have decided that we want an intimate setting for the ceremony with only our immediate family members in attendance. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not inviting them but we also do not want to create a bigger expense than we can afford. Any suggestions on the best way to pull this off?

My opinion:

Happy New Year and congratulations!

Are you familiar with the old saying, ‘You can’t please all of the people all of the time’? This is one of those situations. Your wedding is a special day for you and your future spouse.  It can also be very stressful making arrangements and keeping up with all the planning and preparation that goes into it. With that in mind, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a smaller wedding. Don’t feel obligated to include people just because you know of them, especially if a large guest list oversteps the boundaries of your budget.

You’ve indicated that you wanted an intimate ceremony. Are you also planning a reception? It’s not a rare thing to have a small ceremony or a trip to the Justice of the Peace for a quick I do and then celebrate the night away with friends and family. I’m not sure which season you are planning to wed but you may want to consider hosting the reception in your home or backyard or that of a friend or family member during warmer months, or in the home if the weather is not so compliant. Local community centers can be a very inexpensive way to go and may include the rental of tables and chairs. You do have to supply your own decor so shop around for sales and deep discounts. The internet may prove to be your best ally for this.

Other ways to save, if you are considering a reception include enlisting the help of family and friends. You can save lots of money by:

  • Having someone you know who enjoys taking pictures be the amateur photographer for your wedding. It saves money for you and gives them great content for their portfolio.
  • Have the best family cooks cater the venue instead of hiring outside caterers. Do it yourself=money saver.
  • If you know someone who can get the tunes right ask them to lend a hand.
  • If it’s not too late, make your own invitations it’s easy and it saves big time.
  • If regular paper products won’t suffice, go for ‘like real’ paper plates, cups and utensils. It’s cheap, makes for easy cleanup, and adds a touch of elegance because it actually looks real.

If you are looking to stick to a simple ceremony and dinner at your favorite restaurant, just be honest with those people who may take some offense if they don’t get that invite in the mail. Pulling a rabbit out of a hat is much easier than testing the limits of your bank account.

Good luck to you and whatever you decide. Best wishes for happiness and prosperity to you and your spouse.

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  1. When we decided to have a wedding, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money either. We also wanted to have only the people closest to us. It might have hurt some people’s feelings but it was our wedding. It’s nice to take other people’s feelings into consideration but your wedding should be about you first and foremost.

    1. I agree. The couple should feel comfortable with their decision to exchange nuptials however they desire. While beautiful, weddings can be very pricey and that may not be just what the doctor ordered.

  2. I totally agree with you with all that you said. That’s a great piece of advice there. 👍

      1. Welcome

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