Spending the Holiday with Family

Finally got a chance to see Almost Christmas and I loved it! Aside from it being reminiscent of a Soul Food/This Christmas hybrid, the casting was the perfect recipe for endless laughs and foolery. Just in case you haven’t seen it, I’ll try not to spoil it for you but I do recommend it! Check out the trailer here (Warning. Contains profanity).

At some point in our lives, we have all had that Almost Christmas experience. We have been in attendance to a family gathering meant to eat, drink, and be merry with those we are closest to and love. But, what is a family get-together without the family drama? There’s nothing wrong with a little clash of personalities, right? How often have you witnessed this clash? How many times has the clash of personality turned into this scene from the movie 300? Ok, maybe this hasn’t actually happened but you have probably thought about it on a few occassions. I’m sure we all can pinpoint those family members who match up, perfectly with the characters of this movie.

We all have that one strong, independent, don’t need anyone to help them type of family member.

The one that always puts work first. This one might not even show up.

The one that used to be successful and still is…in their head. You know the one.

The one that thinks everything about their life is better than the rest of the family. (Sparta kick).

The one that can’t cook but is always trying to feed everybody. Gosh, and always makes A LOT of whatever that’s supposed to be.

The Peacemaker is always 2 hugs away from making everyone sing Kumbaya My Lord.

The ones who just can’t get along. Get the popcorn because the movie is about to start.

The Joker. You gotta love this person. He/she keeps the laughs going.

The one who is addicted to something. This person can’t sit still to save a life. Every 5 minutes he/she has to ‘use the bathroom’ and every 6 minutes everyone else is touching their pockets and purses to make sure they still have their wallets.

The ones who are always pulling out their phones or other electronics. What ever happened to family games. Today’s technology keeps everyone tucked away in their own personal bubble.

How many of these characteristics come to visit during your family gatherings? I’m pretty sure…NOOO, I’m absolutely positive I have quite a few of them in my family tree.


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