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 I’m seeing this guy who is in his forties for 4 months now. I’m 23. He’s married but said that things are not the way they should be at home and he’s thinking about leaving but doesn’t want to hurt his wife by telling her so soon. He talked about us getting an apartment together when he gets a job. I really like him but think moving in after 4 months is too soon. Should I go for it or take it slow?

My opinion:

I really lost interest after reading that you were dating a married man- someone who’s probably old enough to be your father and jobless no less- but you asked the question and I will answer. It’s only been 4 months and this man is already talking about moving in with you? I would take that as more of a sign that he is just stringing you along to keep you where he wants you so you can provide him with whatever he wants. Because he’s unemployed I feel the need to ask, are you employed? Do you provide him with money or other materialistic things? The harsh reality of it, for you, is if this man is married the odds are highly likely that he’s not leaving his wife. I’m sure you may be a great girl-if you if you can put aside the fact that you have no respect for the marital union of others and, yeah, I get it he’s the one who’s married. He’s the one that’s cheating but if you know about his wife, where are your moral values? With all that aside I’m sure somewhere, somehow you must be a dream come true. Another question for you, is there any reason that you’re having a difficult time finding a man of your own? Usually younger girls go after older men because of their money. In your case, this particular fellow has none so do you have a confidence problem? Is your self-esteem causing you to make so many wrong decisions in your young love life? Do you have daddy issues? What could possibly make you want to settle for someone else’s husband? You really need to reevaluate yourself and raise your standards for the sake of your self-respect. I think if he really wanted out of his marriage, instead of looking for a new girlfriend he would be looking for that new job and that would be his main priority. Do you know of a perfect time to tell your spouse that you want to leave them and not have it hurt their feelings? If you believe that line you’re not ready to start dating yet.  You’re a little too gullible and his story is a little too fishy.

That’s just my opinion.

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