Daily Inspiration: Choosing Happiness

Happiness- the characterization or indication of pleasure,contentment, or joy.

Sound familiar?

Responses I like to hear to that are-


That’s the best!

Or even, I know that feeling!!

Usually, however, I get-


Umm, yeah…sure.

Right, I guess.

For a long time I was guilty of the latter and I must admit I, occasionally, still have slips and dips into the land of uncertainty when it comes to my happiness.

The thought of happiness should emit mental imagery similar to the feel of soft cotton sheets against freshly cleansed skin. Unfortunately for some, it signifies the search for the last cotton candy colored unicorn in a field of spineless cacti on a cool day in hell.

It may not always seem true or possible but our happiness is just that. OURS and, sometimes, we make the biggest mistake with it. We give it away to people and situations not worthy of it and replenish it less because, well, happiness is also reciprocated and there are far too many people who lose theirs in the same shuffled deck of cards that you do.


No one wants to see you happier than you do and it’s foolish of you to think otherwise. I know it’s easy to get caught up in the “Look” that other people present as their lives but sometimes looks can be and are meant to be deceiving.

You are like no other and no other is like you. Embrace that! Self acceptance is the diamond engagement ring to your happiness. It may be one of the only priceless things that only you can afford to have that can’t be replicated.

When you love yourself you recognize your strengths, weaknesses, struggles, mistakes and accomplishments as equal contributors to the definition of you. You accept the fact that life isn’t always sweet but any lemons bestowed upon you are yours and yours alone to make a lemonade suitable to your taste.


We all experience situations that, if ever granted that one special wish, we would want erased permanently from our life record. Of course, that is not an option! So what do we do? We carry every hour of the past into every day of the present. We torment ourselves. We allow our memories to keep us trapped in an emotional quicksand. The more we fight the more we sink.

Let It Go! Let go of everything that is rooted to that situation. It is weighing you down and preventing you from being free to be happy.


I know I’ve said it before and I know you’ll hear it again, no one wants to see you happier than you do. Some people don’t want to see you happy at all! Your happiness intimidates them. It angers them. Usually, it’s because they don’t know how to be happy for themselves.

Defeat their regime. Kill them with kindness. Shower them with everlasting happiness. Bring them aboard the happy land train.


There is a difference between sharing your happiness and giving it all away. When you give it away, it’s gone. There’s nothing left but shadows and misery. When you share your happiness, you invest in it. You make it stronger and, in the process, you allow someone else to gain strength from your happiness and build up theirs. It’s the type of contagion you want to spread.

Six steps to make on your yellow brick road to happiness:

  1. Happiness starts with change and change starts with choice. Choose to be happy. Every effort you make must be a conscious one toward happiness. Crowd your psyche is positivity and happiness will overflow.
  2. Be grateful. For everything, everyone, and every situation in your life…even the bad ones. Good things are capable of manifesting from the most boggling situations.
  3. Be you. Your life is not a competition. Don’t waste time trying to make yourself be like or better than someone else. It will make you too tired to stay awake for when your real self shows up.
  4. Learn forgiveness. Forgiveness frees you from the mental imprisonment caused by painful experiences. Don’t do it for the situation, do it for yourself.
  5. Make changes to your social circle. If you’re surrounded by sourpusses how can you expect happiness to flourish?
  6. Try a little R & R (resistance and resilience).  When trouble comes knocking say not my circus, not my monkeys and stand strong on your path to happiness. Resist the urge to be drawn into the negativities that surround you.

You deserve to be happy. Take the steps today to make it happen!


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