Living Single or Ready to Mingle.


So, I’ve been out of the loop for a while. My last relationship of 4 years ended badly and I have not had the desire to date anyone since then. It will be 2 years in May. Part of me is ok with not being booed up. The thought of having to get to know someone all over again-starting from the beginning- turns me off from wanting to date. Then there’s the other part that is a romance fanatic. Every romance movie I watch makes me wish it was me. I just wish I could get the romance without all the extra drama like the ex’s, cheating and the secrets. If you know of a way to bypass the bullcrap, please let me know; otherwise, I might be single for eternity.

Here’s my opinion.

Sorry, I don’t know of an easy route to love or relationships. If I did, it would be bottled up and in stores worldwide. There’s nothing wrong with wanting romance in your life but even in those movies the couples always have some sort of strife before things get better and even then, they have to work together to find a solution that suits the both of them. There’s nothing wrong with placing emphasis  on what you want your relationship to be like based on a movie but even true stories have some made up scenes. It seems as though you selectively remove all the life lessons that can be learned from some of these romance movies that lead to the happily ever after. The genie in the bottle is not real and a relationship based solely off the fantasy of a movie is just as non-existent. You have to work at making your relationship what you want it to be no movie can simulate that for you.

I agree that being a contender for someone else’s affection is not always fun. It’s all one big getting to know you rat race of life.  I disagree that all relationships involve cheating.

I’m not sure of the circumstances of your previous relationship but if you can still stomach a romance move, all hope may not be dead. If you really feel those are your only options and that you may be destined to live a single life, click here for some information that may help you get over that. It could just be that your relationship form is outdated.

That’s my opinion.

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