Not in her house.

My boyfriend and I live with his mother and stepfather in a three-bedroom apartment. We’ve been dating for 2 years and have been living here for one year. Our problem is his mother will not let us sleep in the same room. We’re both in our twenties and we both work. We help pay bills and buy food. She says she won’t agree to it because we’re not married. We’re not ready for marriage but think she’s being over the top. How can we get her to understand this?

My opinion:

My question is if both of you are working and are able to pay bills why are you living in his parents home? You didn’t mention anything about his mother or stepfather needing financial assistance or how you came about to move into their home. If they are able to maintain their home on their own with their own finances, I would recommend that you and your boyfriend move into your own place that way you’ll be able to play by your own rules and live the married life of two unmarried people. It sounds like his mother is very old-fashioned which may be an inconvenience for you but it’s the rules that she sticks by and because you live in her home you must abide by.

That’s my opinion.

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