A Special Motivation Because Today Is Not Just Monday


Today’s motivation is in honor of my son who gave me purpose 25 years ago. He exhibits this daring, free spirit that confuses and wows me all at once.

Where I am introverted and-as he reminds me regularly-less festive (ok he says NOT festive at all but…), he is extroverted and will celebrate the alphabet at the drop of a dime.



He is everything my inner self was screaming for me to be but fear of the unknown kept me complacent. For years (my younger years), I drew blueprints of creative ideas but the thought of actually having them take flight was frightening!

It was easier for me throw away my ideas and, in a sense, my personality, my character, my dreams and my potential than it was for me to grow with pride or lose and learn with dignity.



I cannot say that I now live vicariously through my son-xanax can’t be manufactured fast enough to cover me on that-but I am elated to see that the best part of me is renewed in him. He validates the message in “I Can”.

To you, YES YOU, The person reading this right now. Don’t let twenty years collect idle dust. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Go places that you’ve only imagined going. Create that bucket list and COMPLETE that bucket list. Seek new business opportunities and leave complacency behind.

This week do it different. Whatever “it” is to you, turn it upside down or right side up. Paint it blue or rock it in purple. Sit at the bar, instead of the booth in the corner. Be seen. Be heard. Be remembered. Whatever it is, make memories with.

Fear only lasts a long as you feed it. Don’t let it cause you anymore disappointment.

PS…. Son, I love you infinity x infinty!



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