How Self-Love Can Help You Succeed.



Last week, I spoke about finding your purpose. I feel it’s important to be driven by something (your purpose) that is meant to magnify not only the happiness in your life but also in the lives of those you encounter.

You see, when you feel good about yourself you are in a better position to influence the direction your life goes and encourage and uplift others along the way. For that reason, I am ranking self-love one notch higher on the priority front over finding your purpose.

I have paid tribute to, in various degrees, self-love in a few of my posts. If you missed any of them, click here for the one about happiness, or here for my thoughts on committment. Maybe positivity is what you’re lacking. This is just for you.

The way in which you identify with yourself has strong direct and indirect influence in how you identify with every aspect of your life. Adorning your id and ego gives a dramatic boost to your super ego. So why not show up and show out for yourself in whatever fashion suits your fancy.

Before you can move forward on your journey through the valley of self-love, however, you have to get your affairs in order. Holding on to anger, animosity, and disdain from any situation will only help you remain stagnant.

Be it something done by you or to you, recognize that it didn’t break you. It taught you. In the heat of the moment you might have missed the lesson but now you are cool. Think about what you have experienced and what could have been done differently through a positive light.

 Remember that you cannot always control the external stimulus but you can control your reaction to it. This is how you regain and maintain control of self and replace hate with love.

Next, say goodbye to all the BADS…bad habits, bad relationships, and bad friendships. Let it go. Anything or anyone who deviates away from the direction you want to grow has no place in your circle. Why? Keeping them is the equivalent of trying to grow lucky bamboo plants in direct sunlight. You will get burned!

Now that you have preened your garden, you have the room to plant the seeds of self-love.

It’s not selfish to tend to your needs. I, for one, have had my share of guilt in neglecting my own needs for the sake of others. No one can, will or should commit to your needs more than you. Taking time out for yourself is refreshing. When you’re refreshed, you’re better equipped to handle the what’s next in your success story.

Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. The way you carry and speak of yourself is highly contagious. Lead by example and set boundaries for what is and is not acceptable when it come to you and, most importantly, STICK TO IT! Allowing others to dictate your life doesn’t pull them into your mindset. It dissolves you in theirs.

Lather yourself with physical, emotional and spiritual gifts. All things that make you feel great are good!!! Life comes at you hard. So every opportunity that presents to uplift your spirits and rejuvenate your mind should be taken. When an opportunity doesn’t come…MAKE ONE!!!

What The Beauty In Self-Love Is Not…

The world is full of beauty. Your beauty, however, is unique to you. What you see on tv and in pictures or read in books may not accurately depict YOUR state of extraordinary. Trying to mimic what you see is a mistake.

Beauty is not just your physical appearance. It’s not just a pretty face or attractive body.

It’s definitely not a cosmetic enhancement-though with the many advertisements and videos, it’s easy to see why and how one can be conditioned to believe it is.

The bad news: if all you have is everything mentioned above then what you really have is limitations.

The good news: that’s not really all you have. You just have to take the time to get to know you, embrace what you find…The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and make it what you will.

Loving yourself is so detrimental to the success of your endeavors throughout your lifetime. How you portray yourself is the face value at which you will be taken.





  1. Beautiful 😊💐💕

  2. Thank you!

  3. I love this post! Treating ourselves the way we treat people we love is such an important lesson to learn!

    1. Yes. It’s so easy to forget that we deserve/need self-attention that is the same magnitude that we give to others.

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  6. Such a great message! Self love is key to any kind of success!

    1. Agreed! You have to start somewhere so why not from within?

      Thank you.

  7. What a great post! We all can use reminders as to how important self love is. <3

    1. Thank you. I believe people underestimate as much as they overlook the importance of self love. It’s such a powerful life strategy.

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