It’s The Simple Things

Can you believe it? The year is halfway complete!  While we were doting on one task or other, Father Time whispered sweet nothings into the winds of Mother Nature’s kiss.

When we weren’t looking, Autumn turned to Winter and Winter became Spring as Summer patiently waits in the shadows.

Amid the changes of the seasons, some of us may have gotten caught up in the rapture of one task or other and forgot to stop and breathe.

You put off for tomorrow what should have been done today…3 (hundred) times over. Tomorrow, you will make that call. Tomorrow, you will stop by to say hello. Tomorrow, you will spend more quality time with friends and family.

Sometimes, tomorrow doesn’t come. Sometimes, that last hello is the final goodbye.

Life will always leave us with some regret. We’re not superhuman and can’t be everywhere each and every time but we can -and should- make time for the little things. For the simple things. It’s those little things that mean so much to someone whom you care for.




  1. Agreed. It’s the little things that often matter the most

    1. I think our minds are programmed to ‘Go Big or Go Home’ and that concept causes us to miss out.

  2. Agreed – it’s the little things in life that become big things later on. It’s so important to enjoy every moment of life.

    1. Absolutely! We can’t get back any memory of yesterday if we don’t make one.

  3. I feel like I’ve done nothing all year,
    I feel like a failure, but then I have to sit & think & realise…
    I’ve raised B, I’ve kept him fed & clothed, cared for him when he was ill & so much more

    1. It’s easy to feel like you’re not making progress when you’re duties become second nature. You’re not a failure, you’re a pro-in your own right!

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