The Self Series



When I first decided that I wanted…

No, No, N-O let me be 100% accurate.

I NEEDED to come to terms with who I am as an individual and completely exorcise all of the negative vibes and false prophecies that seemed to be so consistent in my life, I didn’t know where to begin.

I was tired of hearing people tell me what to do based on their situations. After all, a lot of my most distressing experiences were, probably, the result of me following the ‘Good Neighbor’ lead to a path that was not made to fit me.

Maybe you can relate.

Have you ever seen a hairstyle on someone and it was fierce? You liked it on them but didn’t think it would work for you. Then along comes your friend who ‘knows that style is perfect for you’ and you only live once and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

You probably would respond “I don’t know” but then you go and get it anyway (whomp, whomp). Now you’re forced to walk around with the hairstyle that, while nice on someone else, has you looking like a chicken’s backside for all of the reasons you knew it would.

Whether because it’s a high maintenence style that you just don’t have time to manage or the way it falls in your face…and you HATE to have hair in your face.

The point is you KNEW it wasn’t your thing for the most obvious reasons yet you allowed yourself to be guided down a path that was Just. Not. For. YOU.

Can I be honest with you?

The first time I sat down to do a trial run of The Self Series , my actions were governed by what I thought would be an inconvenience to others. It was full of “Now isn’t a good time for that because this person needs that”.

How helpful was that going to be when the point of this was to identify with MY self and not the self that materialized because of someone else, right?

So, to you I say be true to yourself and your needs, likes, dislikes, motivations and inspirations. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Use this time to build a solid mental roster of your thoughts and beliefs and focus on where your weaknesses end and your strengths begin.

The Self Series is an introduction to you. It’s the do-over that we have all wished we could be gifted at one time or other.

It is the job description for you and all who apply to be in your life. It’s a requirement for your sustainability.

It is designed to:

  • motivate you into submission to yourself.
  • Help you recognize and prioritize your true interests.
  • Make you comfortable with your own decisions.
  • Help you develop or redefine the blueprint to your self worth.
  • Encourage you to foster meaningful relationships and
  • Encourage you to practice small acts of self love regularly.

Not everyone has “got it all together”. I’m well into adulthood and I have to scratch my head with my left eyebrow raised to the high heavens every now and then.

The glorious thing about life is that, as long as you have three concrete things, nothing has to remain undesirable.

What are those three things? Will, determination, and breath.

We all make mistakes. Some, unfortunately, are not easily erased. Fortifying those three things gives you the magical power to:

  1. Turn that mistake into a personal lesson.
  2. Turn that lesson into a personal plan
  3. Turn that plan into a personal opportunity and
  4. Turn that opportunity into a personal success.

The Self Series is all about helping you cultivate a healthy and successful relationship with yourself first, then your family, friends and everyone else thereafter.

Happiness really does start with you…from within you. Click below to get started!





  1. I love this…. I think we all need a do-over sometimes in our lives and no better season than the beginning of a new year!

    1. Yes!! I agree, although a do-over at any time of the year is a relief!

      Don’t forget to sign up for a chance to win an Alex and Ani bracelet!

  2. Great perspective! It is very hard to look at what is best for us, it is easier to hide behind emotions or other’s opinions instead of becoming who we really are.

    1. Absolutely. It’s like winning the lottery and giving your UNSIGNED ticket to a stranger to hold while you tie your shoe. Odds are the stranger will take off with all your happiness.

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