Making Peace With Broken Pieces

That’s it! It’s done! My book is finally published…well, it’s been published for a month now. I’m just now descending from cloud nine to write about it!! Plus, there’s been so many other things that I have been working on that I absolutely can’t wait to share from InspireWear T-shirts, to digital products, and services.

But first, my book!!! 😍

Making Peace With Broken Pieces is my personal reflection on the effects that being in a toxic relationship can have on a person or, more pointedly, myself. It’s also a self-help/self-awareness guide to decluttering your mental mess and rebuilding yourself from the inside out.

I am proud to be able to report that there can be love after the pain and I found it twice in my family and, most importantly, in myself!!

The great thing about my book is that you don’t have to be in an abusive relationship to take advantage of tools I share. Sometimes life just hits you hard and you need to press the reset button and start all over!

So here’s my call to action:

Share my journey! Get a copy of my book here or head on over to Amazon. It’s also available on kindle!


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