Relationship Affirmations

Relationships require consistency that will not always be smooth sailing. Here are a few affirmations to serve as a reminder of the important things and reinforce it with your free copy of the e-book, The Language of Love. Get your copy HERE.

I embrace my love and I keep it constant.

Because my love adds joy and meaning to my life, I embrace it and keep it constant. I do not allow silly arguments to question our foundation.

I openly communicate with my partner about my thoughts, feelings, and frustrations. I let go of the need to hurt my spouse or to prove myself right and, instead, focus on simply expressing how the situation made me feel. I always aim for understanding, not revenge. Get your free copy of The Language of Love E-book for simple tips to improve communication within your relationship  HERE.

I recognize that there are always at least two points of view in any conflict, and I take the time to listen to the other side. I have let go of the need to have the last word and I am satisfied if we both feel that we have been heard, even if we haven’t yet reached an amicable solution.

I make it a point to affirm my partner’s value. I also show that I am trustworthy by who I choose to confide in when we are at odds. I choose to avoid gossip and, instead, focus on achieving peace through positive solutions.

I let the little things go. Life is far more important than the way we squeeze the toothpaste tube or where we throw our socks. I invest in our relationship by allowing my partner to be quirky and human, just like me!

Self-Reflection Questions:
1. What is my goal when I am discussing issues with my partner?

2. Does my partner feel heard when we are in conflict?

3. Do I confide in people without gossiping?

Relationships are a BIG deal, keep yours honest, caring, and fun and prepare yourself for years of sunrises and sunsets!


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