Asking Liz

If you’re into the whole zodiac thing then you know a Sagittarius- The Mutable, Ruled By Jupiter, Color Blue, Fire Sign- is optimistic and enthusiastic about life and change…preferably good change.

We’re intuitive, curious little freedom fighters with big dreams, an awesom sense of humor and the patience of a bullet.

We tend to be known for our vibrantly expressive and brutally honest conversational abilities.

When you ask a Sag a question, make sure you’re ready for the answer because sometimes our words jump right off the conveyor belt and land as they may.

Don’t worry, I’ve put in a lot of practice to become tolerant and acceptably social. That was a requirement for my big dream. BUT, just in case, let me affirm right now that:

I am a work in progress and a seeker of change and for that I cannot be sorry.

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