Are you teetering along the lines of a glamour-mess?
Is your balance off and your self-care routine almost non-existent?
Are you overwhelmed by feelings of physical, mental, and emotional drain?
Do you find yourself saying ‘YES” when the answer should be ‘NO’?
Are you saying ‘NO” to yourself when the answer should be ‘YES”?
If you are feeling like less of a priority in your life, we need to talk!

How are you coping in a society that loves achievement, qualifications, status, and success? You’re probably working yourself into the ground, ignoring what your body and mind is trying to tell you, just to stay afloat. The fact is you can’t enjoy any of those things if you are constantly overwhelmed,  stressed, grumpy and tired.  Balance and self-care is much more that just soft requirements in life. They are the gatekeepers to good health, happiness, and success. This program can help you learn the power of ‘NO’ and the importance of prioritizing your needs as well as detoxing the people and responsibilities you are holding on to that are not serving a beneficial purpose.

Individual Session:
1 hour private phone session
Identify patterns or things that are keeping you stuck
Discuss the foundation of a personalized plan
Get a general feel for the coaching process in real time.

1 Month Package:
This is a one month commitment.
4 private 60 minute coaching calls.
Weekly strategy assignment exercises.
5 email support outreaches.

Book your session today!

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