A Happy Family New Year

This past weekend was absolutely amazing! I celebrated my one-year wedding anniversary on New Year’s Eve at my favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot and brought in the New Year with my family. I can remember, not so long ago, when New Years Eve signified party time. I wanted to hang out, have a drink or …

Choosing to be Better

A quick check-in as another week is nearing it’s end.

Sundays are notorious for being church, laundry, house cleaning, big meal cooking, sports watching or do nothing all day kind of days because the new week – be it a work week, school week or homemaker week – is about to begin.

Regardless of what you have to look forward to in the upcoming days, are you happy to face them as the same person you were yesterday? You probably met deadlines – barely, interacted with people in a not-so-great mood, started a new diet with a little enthusiasm and a lot of self-doubt, or had a mountain of items on your to-do list and only managed to check off the box for the things you didn’t get done. Maybe  your milestones were at the other end of the spectrum. Maybe you jogged that extra mile, drunk more water, or spent less time on social media and more time with family.

Whatever your flow was this week do it better next week. Think about what you can do to push yourself forward and what you need to do to eliminate those things that keep you stagnant. Make a greater effort to host a positive atmosphere because the energy you give off has a way of finding it’s way back to you. Take small steps each day to be better than you were yesterday. Remember, little things can turn into big things if you focus on it long enough. Just be wise about which little thing you want to grow.




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No meat, please.

Hi all! So, on Thanksgiving day, I spent a few hours in the emergency room where I presented for chest and neck pain. Thankfully, it turned out to be nothing serious. My dilemma is, since that day, I have not wanted to eat a single bite of beef, chicken, or turkey. I will eat seafood …

HPV vaccine for infants?

Today, I want to piggyback, slightly, off of my last post on STI’s. A brief look at HPV. The Human Papillon Virus (HPV) is a very common sexually transmitted infection that is spread through vaginal, anal, or oral sex in both males and females. More than 40 classifications of this virus exist and, at some …



As Sunday nears to an end, I prepare for the week ahead.  Dinner made (vegetable lasagna and garlic bread).  Check. Laundry done (done as in washed no guarantee on the fold).  Check.  Kids ready for school.  They are today but, as routine goes, they won’t be able to find anything tomorrow.  Ditto for my husband. …

From a Mother to her Children

From a Mother to her Children

Sometimes there are things I want to say but don’t.  Sometimes there are things I do say that just doesn’t come out right. Sometimes I am wrong- I’m human.

Just know that the love I have for you is forever constant.  There is nothing that I wouldn’t do to keep you happy and keep you safe.

Your existence gives me the strength of a million men but also softens me more than what I imagine a sky full of white, fluffy clouds would feel like.

Without me, you wouldn’t exist but without you I would never have experienced the true beauty of life.  You are students who teach the teacher.

The spirit that feeds the soul.  My sun, my moon, my stars, my earth.  I loved you yesterday.  I love you today. I will love you always.

Law and Disorder

Pregnancy has a way of uncovering many emotions.  Shock, joy, fear, and excitement spread through expectant mothers and fathers as well as family and friends.  The ability to procreate and carry another living being within your body is an amazingly beautiful thing that is not awarded to everyone.  While baby is developing, mom and dad …

The Countdown Begins

Well guys, it’s that time of the year again!  With the start of New Years Resolution season vastly approaching, I thought it would be fitting to highlight some resolution inclusions that are definitely worth considering for the new year, new me crowd. Getting healthy and staying healthy is not just about what you eat and …

Fool’s Gold

Fool’s Gold

Have you ever been caught up in chasing fool’s gold?  Jill Scott, poetically, described chasing a dream that didn’t exist in her soulful song with the same title. While driving around running errands one day, this song came on the radio.  Now I have heard it hundreds of times but on that day I really listened to …

14 Habits Guaranteed to Make You Love Yourself More

Loving yourself makes you stronger and happier. You’re more likely to put forth the effort to reach your goals when you appreciate your value. You’re bound to feel more content because you’ll treat yourself with compassion and respect, and seek out others who will do the same. Instead of making you selfish, loving yourself increases …

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