It’s a community roll call!

What’s going on where you live? We encounter things every day that makes us laugh, cry or just shake our heads -on the television, in the newspaper, at work or school, the grocery store or listening to the radio while sitting in traffic. There will always be something that makes us give off that Scooby Doo huhr and constantly question the sanity of the world.

There are also acts of kindness and heroism that deserve a pedestal mention but are given recognition about as long as this sentence.

The Communi-Tea is here for all of that!

I’m flattered when people solicit my professionally  unprofessional advice. Just My Opinion is just that. My opinion. So if you have a question or situation that you would like to share, you can contact me by navigating the  tab above or sending an email to and make sure you write ‘just my opinion’ on the subject line.

**Please note that under no circumstances will your identity or personal information be revealed. For more information, please read this Disclaimer.

Featured photo courtesy Pixabay.