Of all things self-love is, wrong is DEFINITELY not one of them! Have you noticed that it’s becoming increasingly more popular to view someone else’s love of self as being selfish. On the contrary, self-love is one of the main ingredients for not only how we care for and about ourselves but also how we cultivate relationships and interact with the world around us.


The family experience deserves a platform where stories, ideas, and an abundance of information can be shared-including everything from childhood memories to family faux pas. The family concept has taken a dive from being the top priority to being barely visible. Reality tv, the internet and electronics have become the parents, grandparents and teachers to our children. Books, reading, and manners have become strangers. The idea is to cultivate an atmosphere where family moments belong and words of inspiration can be spread.


Of course, all is not always well in the world we live in. Personal struggles, successes and fears are everyone’s reality. Our likes often get entangled in a web of our dislikes and we are forced to sort it all out with a frustrated confusion. Here you will be inspired to not let your mistakes cancel your achievements. You will be motivated to teach your achievements how to yell ‘CHECK MATE’ to your mistakes! Life can get ugly but when you have a good grip on your self-worth and self-love, you have the potential to upgrade ugly to beautiful for everyone you come in contact with.

Life is the dealer of chuckles but doesn’t always come with the insert laugh here instruction. Sometimes you just have to wing it and laugh at your own pain. I have had my share of WTF moments and I know you have to.

Health, Wealth and Happiness make the world go round but it seems like you can never have the complete set, i.e. I’m happy but I’m not wealthy and I have asthma. But, even the wealthiest people aren’t always the happiest people. So goes the carousel of life and we are all on it. (Insert laugh here).


Let’s face it, we’re all adults here. A big mixture of wishers, testers and doers. Some of us are wishing we were in a relationship; some are testing the potentials; others have jumped right on in. Not all relationship experiences are the same or even good. On the good spectrum you might have love, commitment, communication…sex. On the bad spectrum you might have drugs, violence, cheating…sex. We all have been or will be, at some point in our lives, on either end of that love/lust spectrum. The question is will we understand how we got there and, if it’s something we want to keep, do we even know how? Likewise, if it’s something that’s not healthy for us, do we know how to get out and, of equal importance, do we know how to stay out? I look forward to using my personal experiences as well as lessons that I have learned along the way from the experiences of others to help motivate you to make the right decision for your situation.

Until next time, my first blog post is waiting. You can read it here. Enjoy!

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