Having a vision is a BIG deal! It can also be a stressful journey. Whether you know exactly what you want or need guidance deciding what direction you want to go in, having someone who can bring accountability, encouragement, and support on your side can help keep you on track to achieving your highest level of greatness.

Vision Chronicle Coaching can help you:

▪︎Separate your daydreams and one day goals from your day one goals.

▪︎Define your vision sequence and identify the benefits and obstacles associated with each.

▪︎Prioritize your actions and create a realistic path that’s unique to you.

▪︎Implement S.M.A.R.T. actions to induce progress.

This 3 month intensive coaching program is for you if you need to restructure your thoughts and behaviors to align with your goal.

We will work together to break down your goals into more manageable steps.

We will create a clear strategy to help keep you focused manifesting your vision.

You will also use mindful awareness to monitor how you spend your time and get in  your own way and learn to focus on what’s important.

1 Month Package
This is a one month commitment.
1 weekly 60 minute coaching call.
Weekly strategy assignment exercises.
4 email support outreaches.

3 Month Package
4 monthly 60 minute coaching calls.
Weekly strategy assignment exercises.
Unlimited email support.

This package includes the 90-day Vision Chronicle journal designed to help keep you on track with meeting your goals. This journal is designed to:

  • be a reminder of your motivations
  • help you be mindful of your thoughts
  • and hold you accountable for your actions

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